08/03/2020 Xiaomi to unveil affordable 360Hz gaming monitor in November

Xiaomi to unveil affordable 360Hz gaming monitor in November

Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi is planning to release a new gaming monitor on November 11. According to reports, the device will receive a 24.5-inch matrix, which will boast a high refresh rate, and at the same time it will be priced at just $ 150.

According to the leaks, the device can receive either 240 Hz or 360 Hz matrix manufactured by AUO. Although sources are inclined to believe that the second option will be used in the device, the use of such a screen in a $ 150 monitor seems unlikely. Other manufacturers who recently introduced 360Hz monitors rated them much higher. For example, ASUS for its ROG Swift PG259QN requested 66 thousand rubles.

Currently, the manufacturer has five monitors in its range. These are the 34-inch Mi Curved Display and the 27-inch 165Hz Mi Gaming Display, each costing around $ 323. As well as the affordable 23.8-inch Mi Display 1A and Redmi Display A1, for which they ask for $ 99 and $ 88, respectively.

It’s worth noting that high refresh rate gaming monitors are on the rise this year. If Xiaomi does release a 360Hz monitor for $ 150, the device is sure to be doomed to success.